Life As We Know It: Relationship With Nature!


To all my friends who have felt pain in relations and decided to turn cold to love, I urge you my friend to start a new relationship, a new relation with nature.

Life as we know it 21
Photographer: Supreet Singh

I don’t know about the challenges my Friends are facing..
But You know everything..

I hear their silence,
You hear their plead..

I see their laughter,
You see their tears..

I see what they receive,
You see what they sacrifice..

I see their happy faces,
You see their scarred souls..

I know their faith,
You know their doubts..

I know about their dreams,
You know about their fears..

Life as we know it 25
Photographer: Supreet Singh

The one relationship we all are in but only some surrender to it and accept  It’s the most essential relation. It’s our first religion. Nature does not promise us anything. No next life, no wealth, perpetual happiness, protection, safety but Nature is a blessing, is a reward in itself.

No man-made God can ever protect even itself, how can you think it will protect us. Because Like Nature, God is also immortal. We take both for granted. We misuse its generosity, we misinterpret them to conceal our own folly & think we are demi gods but then we are wiped away like ants when Nature unleashes its fury. Be it sudden floods, tidal wave, cyclones, drought, earthquake, volcanic activity.

Nature will settle down after any of the above fury, it will resume its life & generosity & life will start afresh but it will never be same.

Photographer: Supreet Singh
Photographer: Supreet Singh

What use is the wealth that you gained, what use is the knowledge you gained. What use is anything if you have to live with this polluted world, polluted food, polluted air, so I don’t need to write anything more.

Just have a good look at your loved ones. It’s you, each one of us who has to guide everyone in our network & protect our world, protect what we love, protect who has given birth to us, protect who you have bought to this life. It’s up to you, it’s up to US.

Have a safe world.

Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh
Photographer Writer Nature & Dog Lover I have an attitude and I'm not afraid to use it!


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