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Life As We Know It: Reflections During Loner Walks!

Ah my friend, I said! You are a wonderful human. Let me assure you, you really are. Let this be a constant reminder to you. Dig deep in your memories & your heart, you are worthy of yourself & I am proud to call you my friend.

But my friend, slow down a little, pause a bit, ponder on why we are here. Smell the life in yourself which it ought to be but isn’t. I said this to my friend as I sat under a shady tree in this blazing late morning sun almost vicious in its glare but mellowed down and more gentle & cozier caressed by this cold wind.

DSCF0556 B
Photographer: Supreet Singh

So my friend even loneliness doesn’t last, nothing does. So, remind yourself the purpose of your existence. I keep on speaking, getting lost in the vibrancy of this monsoon kissed wilderness. Friend, slow down, take a breath & try to find your purpose.

Let there be peace & almighty’s blessing always, let us pray and hope all is fine.. But yes my dear friend, do halt and look deep in your self… Please do…

life as we know it 9
Photographer: Supreet Singh

Revivified by the morning showers, as I took the dogs out for a walk I was amazed how nature comes alive after a storm, birds sing, wind is aromatic, washed up green with soft sun rays. This wilderness would be very silent if no birds sang. These little nimble musicians of the air and their melodious warble. Then, there are these lively babblers who are masters of all climes, knowing no bounds. They fritter & flutter all year round.

Photographer: Supreet Singh

The clouds have started getting grey; the air has suddenly turned soft, the sunlight fragile that even the leafy shadows are like some artist painting a masterpiece.

Life at farm brings me more closer to God than any religious shrine or book would. I remember our Guru’s world that God has no shape, was never born to die again.

life as we know it 11

God is in this crisp air, God is in this blade of grass, God is in the chirp of birds, God is in the mellow sun, God is in this shady tree, God is in the fluttering dragonfly, God is within me & within you. Stop running around & pause a bit, as yes the only thing that will never stop is time. So live each moment and get closer to nature, closer to God

life as we know it 3
Photographer: Supreet Singh

Halfway between heaven & hell
Lies a small patch of land
Which I happen to call my home
Where peacocks dance freely
And hares roam fearlessly
Where snakes are friendly
And squirrels are destructive
Where song comes from birds
And music from trees
Where air is so fresh
And water is so cold
Where crickets sing me a lullaby
And swifts knocks on my window every morning
My friends this is what I call heaven on earth
And this is where I dwell.

Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh
Photographer Writer Nature & Dog Lover I have an attitude and I'm not afraid to use it!


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