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Life As We Know It: Of Nature And Life’s Pace?

Life is as we want to see it. Some flowers would be just normal looking hanging proudly on their branches & some will bring heaven down to earth even when they fallen down & some are those who will be equally beautiful in both the situations.

Life as we know it 52
Photographer: Supreet Singh

If we see, nature is full of knots. Be it branches intertwined or as this little plant. All our life we tie and untie the knots of life, knots of emotions, knots of relations, knots of complexities. We tie them as we want & untie then when the need arises. But then some of the knots are so tightly interwoven that they remain always knotted. The life journey passes to its final journey & still we never understand the complexities of these knots. So my friends, let’s let the knots do their job & let’s live our life happily. Easier said than done. But is there any harm in trying.

Life as we know it 51
Photographer: Supreet Singh

A new day, a new morning, this beautiful rain washed greenery, the mellow wind & this soft morning light. It’s a wonderful time to walk & relax & soak up the sights, smells & sounds of the wilderness. A dozen or so butterflies are disturbed from the tall grass as I walk & flutter away, an orange blister beetle drones past & a yellow butterfly soars past. The surroundings come alive with the bubbling, liquid voice of the whitethroats. Ah! It’s a heavenly feeling to soak up this tapestry of my simple farm life where nature runs riot & all is right with the world, Well Almost……

Photographer: Supreet Singh
Photographer: Supreet Singh

It’s a humid morning with monsoon clouds covering the sky completely. Peacocks are on their loud mating call as I walk in this drizzle. The crickets, which felt silent as I approached, edge back to their burrows and recommence their singing; a mole suddenly appears out of a small land rising and struts to a hedge startling a moorhen. Pair of horn bill is playing on a branch above. A kingfisher is all alert sitting on small water filling looking for a quick breakfast. My everyday life spins around these simple things.

Life as we know it 50
Photographer: Supreet Singh

So, Dear Almighty. This is what I ask – pray from you today. All I need is a “life of some plenty, some peace & some dignity. A life formed by closeness to nature. Where I can sing wilderness. Where my saving grace is of wind and rain and sun, of water and stars and silence for my soul.

Photographer: Supreet Singh
Photographer: Supreet Singh

I didn’t ask for it to be over, but then again, I never asked for it to begin. For that’s the way it is with life, as some of the most beautiful days come completely by chance. A rainy early morning and then a humid sun biting start, but soon wind got softer & clouds are drifting back.

A mellow breeze is flowing now with clouds getting grey again, there is tree music in my ear & birds up in the air. Life moves on at its pace but this day is changing fast, let me shift myself to a lazier task. Time to make a mango shake & sit down under a tree, grab a book & camera.

Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh
Photographer Writer Nature & Dog Lover I have an attitude and I'm not afraid to use it!


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