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Life As We Know It: Better Year 2016!

A new year has started and many wishes flow in. But with this wishes do we move on to a better year. Do these wishes & prayers reflect on the next one year. So I will not wish a new year greeting. But yes .. I will wish for all of us, for you, for me & all we know.

Life as we know it 34
Photographer: Supreet Singh
Life as we know it 30
Photographer: Supreet Singh

We wish that in this new year, we may become better humans, better parents, better kids, better siblings, better companion, better friends, better workmate, better person.

We wish that in this new year we all will at least plant one tree each, that we will pollute less, will dispose garbage responsibly, we will care for this earth we live on, this air we breathe & the water we drink. We will guide others to do the same.

Life as we know it 26
Photographer: Supreet Singh

We will become more tolerant, more honest, more kind, more selfless, more loving, more friendly, more understanding towards others. We wish that Almighty give us strength to feed who’s hungry, clothe who needs one, help the helpless, give more to the society that needs most.
Life as we know it 42

We wish that we become more healthy, eat proper, exercise proper, live a good life. We wish that in this new year, we will do all of the above & be more humane.

God bless me & all of you. God bless this earth.

Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh
Photographer Writer Nature & Dog Lover I have an attitude and I'm not afraid to use it!


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