Sense of belongingness or the fear of unknown?

Are these practically the same? What if we don’t belong to someone or someone doesn’t belong to us? Is it detachment or emotional isolation?

Emotional isolation is loneliness, which is the biggest fear of today’s society! So, understanding this clearly, is sense of belongingness the answer to loneliness?

We all will have different answers to this question possibly going by our emotional quotient, adaptability and life experiences.

life as we know it - belonging

For a 20-year-old, the expected sense of belongingness would be to a cool dude group. For a 30-year-old, professional parties and social groups would matter. This is what we all would want to generalise. EQ has nothing to do with age, some 15-year-olds are way more emotionally strong and fulfilled than 50-something rat race runners who have bungalows, Ferraris and international holidays to boast of.

Yet again, there’s confusion about how do we determine all these crazy parameters of loneliness, sense of belongingness, EQ and finally WHAT is needed to be happy!

Is it hormonal satisfaction, mental satisfaction through ego gratification or a hug from someone you love!


Confusion prevails and actually let it prevail because in the end, we all have to figure this out ourselves and not go by any theory. Why? Because each one is different and a result of different permutation and combination of energies!

Accept yourself and wait for your time when you find happiness with yourself! That’s where the journey actually begins!


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