Let’s Admit It. How Many Of Us Have Used These Breakup Lines?


We all hate getting dumped. But when you get dumped by a lame excuse, it can cause serve heartburn.

Honesty is the best policy, and a little tact comes very handy. But when it comes to men, they manage to choose the most preposterous excuses, than telling  the truth.

And if you ask them they say that we don’t want to upset them. Seriously, how lame it that??

1. Baby it’s not you, it’s me

This is a classic and it is supposed to make the woman feel better. The man is actually telling her that it is over and she has no say in it also. It hurts, bad!!

2. You are really wonderful, but..

We already know that we are great. So have the guts and talk straight to our face. And if we were so great why would you dump us.

3. Let’s take a break and get back together later

A break can be good, only if taken for the right reasons. Beware of a man who suggests it. He is either looking elsewhere or has a back-up plan he wants to focus on. Don’t walk, start running.

4. I am no good for you

Are men still using this? Yes they are, as they are men. And even after centuries it is a very lame thing to say. A man who says this is a master at pretense. He wants you to think that you a re good, but not good enough for him. Need that?

5. I don’t think I am ready for a relationship

Oh Please! In very simple words this basically means – I am a chicken, since I cannot say that I want it over. You won’t see this man single for a long time, just wait and watch.


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