Lesser-known honeymoon destinations in India..alas you can use only one!!

Honeymoon destinations
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When you are finally done with the marriage events, you end up being tired and in desperate need of some space and more space. It is often said: to bond and understand a person, the best way is to travel with him. No wonder, honeymoons or romantic vacations in Greece are common and popular all around the globe.

So the next step is nothing but planning a honeymoon trip and planning it well. Although they certainly can be expensive, especially if you want the luxury treatments and the spa packages. I guess that is why couples try to find as many savings as possible, even reviewing how much they are paying for things like broadband. It might help to go to https://www.simplyswitch.com/broadband/ for something like that.

When you think of a honeymoon, you often think of a tropical destination with clear water and golden sand, somewhere a couple can be totally loved up. Perhaps the first place that comes to mind is Hawaii, or perhaps a Hawaiian island like Maui. Maui has so much on offer for newlyweds, from romantic dinners on the beach or getting active with a molokini crater snorkeling tour and everything in between. It’s the perfect location for a new couple to appreciate one another and their new marriage. However, what if a couple has already been to Hawaii? Would they prefer to go somewhere virtually unknown?

As marriages in India is not a day or two affair but a long celebration for days and days. No matter both bride and groom are least working people but certainly are most tired of all. Sitting & smiling for hours, stress, meetings, and so much more that only a married person can understand. It’s enough to make you want to rent an island and hideaway from the rest of the world. So the honeymoon is well deserved, and after the long days of fatigue, you truly earn those long days of leisure. But the major question is, where? You would need a place which is not very crowded but also have some fun activities to explore. So here are some of the best & lesser-known honeymoon destinations of India.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

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Tawang a perfect escape for lovers who want to run away from the hectic, polluted, populated cities. Nuranang waterfall would be a perfect location for your big frame bedroom picture. Local cuisine would definitely be worth your try. Peace this place would provide is unmatched with any of those foreign exotic locations.

Alappuzha, Kerala

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Referred to as the Venice of the east this place is definitely a memory for life. You can relax with the ayurvedic spa and massage options. When the boat floats through narrow lakes with coco trees border it indeed a magical treat you can offer to spouse. Staying in houseboat would be the perfect honeymoon experience you can enjoy. And there’s no need of saying boats are romantic.

Haflong, Assam

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Looking for some heavenly experience on earth? Well Haflong should definitely be on your list. A place not much populated with either locals or tourists. This is one of the best destinations for the peace experience and alone time you are looking for, so a perfect offbeat honeymoon destination. Options for stay are limited, so see if you can book in advance. Eating options would also be limited and non exotic. As at places like these you should not expect exotic food, fill your exotic hunger with those mesmerizing views.

Gokarna, Karnataka

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Home to a crystal clear blue sky, rocky beaches and treks from one beach to another, Kudle beach right up to Paradise beach a trek which is unique and great exploring options. Get out with stuck idea of beaches is just Goa and nothing else. The night sky experience with a born fire will definitely be a natures therapy for the new bonding souls.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

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Yet another destination perfect for beach lovers, with plenty options to stay. Adventures like snorkelling, scuba diving, dolphin spotting to paragliding will be available for the kick of adventure you crave. And once you are done with all those adventures get yourself involved with the historical tales of Sindhudurg fort.

Shillong, Meghalaya

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India is home to such beautiful destinations which beats the best of the west hands on. Though I don’t like comparing nature with the as it one, we are the ones divided. But it is an answer to those who try and show off there international trips and underestimate India. Coming back to Shillong, for those who love foreign trips and evaluate other destination with western scale. Shillong is also known as Scotland of east. How can you miss walking hand-in-hand on the living roots bridge?

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

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Another wonder that the mountain state of Himachal offers you, is Khajjiar. A destination you will never forget your whole life. With its lush green bugyals and snow capped mountains, it’s certainly natures’ wonder you can absorb. The landscapes are such you might feel like skip beat to feel it all. And do I have to tell you that romance is best in the laps of mountains?

Daman & Diu

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These union territories are not just another beach destination of the country. You have so much to explore in the serene beach locations, food, culture, people. For a couple doing all those things together would be much better than some over priced foreign holiday trip from one hotel to another. Daman fort and cheap liquor something I would not dare to forget to mention.

Coorg, Karnataka

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River Rafting, Tiger spotting, loads of nature, well to sum up the wonders of Coorg in a single paragraph would be cheating to this place. The Ideal most honeymoon destination in India you would want to celebrate honeymoon every year. The place is full of water falls, rivers and other wonders of nature at their raw best.

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