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A Lesbian Relationship Is Better! Let’s Tell You Why…

I am sure many of you have had this thought to understand the statement that lesbian relationships are better than straight ones. I am also of the strong belief that they are. They are indeed more intimate and understandable than heterosexual ones. Let Khurki today make you understand how lesbian relationships are better than yours.

They understand PMS very well

During that time of the month, you suffer mood swings and cramps which is well understood by your girl and this is how lesbian relationships are different. Most guys do not understand anything about the flow and its issues.

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They don’t fight but discuss

When you are with the opposite sex, you fight a lot and have misunderstandings. However, with the same sex, the fights typically consist of more discussions and talking.

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Communicate a lot

Women always feel the need to talk about everything and expect other person to be a good listener. Not many boys live up to this expectation because they get irritated easily. So a woman always knows what the other woman is thinking about and knows what she is thinking about. I am not saying you don’t have this type of communication in a hetero relationship at all, but do you understand a lot of the actions that your man does?

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More jealousy

The spark in her eyes when she looks at other women or the glowing admiration she oozes when talking about her co-worker. Whatever the trigger may be, your eyes grow greener with jealousy. Haha you can’t help it, women are emotional creatures.

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Family need

Everyone has their family needs. Understanding this need is one good quality of a healthy relationship. Opposite sex really don’t understand this and end up with a huge fight.

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Switching roles

Finally, in a lesbian relationship, you can switch roles! Unlike straight relationship, there is no one specific role in this type of relationship, which is really nice!

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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