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Selfless Love, A Lesson To Be Learnt From Them…


Many saints, writers and poets have mentioned selfless love in their works. These soulful words are for us not only to read but to imbibe. But we fail to bother ourselves about the practical part – the part in which we are asked to follow those words. One can just expect appreciation from humans. Beyond this, they have nothing to do with those writings that talk about selfless love.

5 Chand aur Chakor

This love story is repeated again and again whenever selfless love is discussed. Though it may sound fictional, but sometimes fictions teach us a lot of things. Like in this, one chakor waits for the moon so long, sometimes for a month just for a glimpse of it but could never reach there.

4 Phool aur Kaante

They have a beautiful chemistry. The thorns in a plant hurt its flowers but still flowers accept them and stay there with them.

3 Shama aur Parwana

This example of love is oft heard in our Bollywood songs. But they are just to listen not to learn from. It shows how a parwana (insect) gets burnt when it tries to go close to the shama (flame). It gets burnt and loses its life, but its love neither burns nor is lost. It can’t just stop getting drawn towards the fire time and again. He never stops loving it.

2 Nature and Humans

Nature is just giving and serving us. It never sends any bills. In return, we are exploiting it from every aspect. Trees give us shade, fruits and eventually wood. Rivers give us water and many precious things like stones and minerals. But, both have lost their values to our greed.

1 Saints and Mankind

Actually, we cannot expect selfless love from humans and those who go for it are not humans. They are saints or holy souls in a human body. Their love for the whole can’t be defined.



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