What Is Your Last Wish Before You Die?


For someone who has just started life’s lessons to be asked to make the last wish may seem inappropriate.

Lived all your life worrying about education, career, love life, marriage and parents! And when get old, we become stressed about our yet unborn grandchildren, just the way our grandparents do… Because that’s a life most of the people live in India!

Here’s KHURKI’s wake up call. Get up, take charge and get your life back! There sure is more stuff you ever wished could be completed. You still have time, you still have LIFE.

Assume the world’s gonna end tomorrow! Think about all of the crazy-noncrazy-full-of-life-daring or happening things you always wanted to do and turn them into your last wish before dying!

Clothes from all over the world

Ahh, fashionable death… Seriously?

Marrying whom you love

The world’s gonna end after your marriage. Better change your plans!

Three + Some = Threesome

Khurki wants to be the third one!

Want to go to jail. Really?

Don’t call people to bail you out, in case you couldn’t survive!

Have a gang bang with girls

This only happens ‘out of India!’

If I’d choose, I’d rather die in a plane crash


To cross the border like Salman in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Expectation v/s Reality

Visit each friend in any corner of this world

Friendship is the best thing you’d earn before dying.

Sing in front of crores of people


Kiss Robert Pattinson

Have wings, will fly

We remember that dialogue from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani. ‘Main bhagna chahta hoon, udna chahta hoon… bas rukna nahin chahta!’

Paint my grave

Pehle marr to le b@$#^&*d

Have loads of fun

Would you please explain the type of ‘FUN?’


Have yours, different than ours? Why don’t you share it with us….

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