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Lakshya Completes 11 Years Of Success & Still Growing!


Janvi Sood
Hates DDLJ yet a Bollywood lover, movie reviews, box office results, latest trailers are her appetite for the day.

Lakshya – a movie which can make you laugh, cry, emotional & patriotic at the same time. Well, we are pretty sure that if any teenager watches this film and doesn’t feel like joining the Army, either he’s too career oriented or he’s not a teenager.

Lakshya is indeed a film which takes care of every kind of a movie lover. Lakshya is a tale of immature, aimless, irresponsible young guy (Hrithik Roshan) who joins army and ends up becoming a war hero.

Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta, Lakshya was an iconic film worth as many watches as possible.

The film is now 11 years old and its director Farhan Akhtar considers it one of the best films he ever made. And Khurki strongly believes that this film was one of the best films ever made in Bollywood.

Here is a sneak from the movie that will make you feel like watching it another time. See the difference between Hrithik’s attitude towards his ‘Lakshya’!


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