Ladakh Calling? Some Facts That Are Brushed Under The Carpet!


Every region in the world has some secrets that are best untold. There are good secrets and bad secrets, but they are there, no denying that. When you travel to Ladakh, you are impressed by the warm smiles and the generosity of the locals. Little do you suspect that this smiling race too has secrets that they like to keep to themselves. Anyway, we dug them up for you. You can decide which ones are good and which are the bad ones.

The car moves on its own at Magnetic Hill

Nowhere else in the world will your car keep moving, even when you turn off the ignition. It happens on the Kargil highway and you have to be there to believe it.

The Rocks of Ladakh secrete natural Viagra

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Only in these mountains will you see a magic resin that oozes out of rocks that can make you a super healthy human being. The secretion is called Shilajit and it can greatly benefit infertile couples.

The OP baba blesses one and all

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Only at the Siachen base will you find the shrine of OP Baba, who blesses every soldier who seeks his protection. And that is not all – soldiers who pray to him, vow to give up smoking and drinking while being posted here.

The war of 1971 was put on hold for Losar

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Yes, you heard us right. A war was put on hold by Colonel Chewang Rinchen so that the locals could celebrate the festival in peace. The Colonel was also awarded with the Mahavir Chakra at the young age of 17.

The nuns in Ladakh are trained in the art of Kung Fu

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Only in Ladakh will you wake up to the sound of women in yellow robes getting trained in the martial art of Kung Fu. And they are no ordinary women, they are nuns. The Drukpa sect of Buddhism might be 800 years old, but they sure are moving with the times.

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