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Kushal’s Tweet Steamed Ameesha Patel Off Her Feet!

Kushal Tandon, best known as Gauhar Khan’s boyfriend from Big Boss who was seen in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song, went for a movie somewhere and while the National anthem was playing his mundi was moving to and fro to check kaun kaun khada hai kaun nahi khada..!!


After janaab checked the defaulters, he went to the front row and inquired as to why the lady on the front seat didn’t get up for the anthem. Oh what a disgrace…acha what’s funny is that he didn’t realise this earlier ke woh aurat was no one else but yesteryear actress dying hard for fame – Ameesha Patel.


Bus phir kya tha. Kushal thought – beta nikal padiab to full on publicity milegi...hahahaha..

What next…Twitter baba zindabad. He immediately shared a lamba chaurha tweet about how ashamed he was to see her not paying respect to the National Anthem

So now that you could notice that he has a keypad too..lady Patel didn’t leave a chance to abuse him..bus kutta kamina bolna reh gaya tha…she went on and on and on…kyunki dekha jae to inke bhi dimag ki batti to jali hogi – bingo -publicity time..hahahahhahaha..!!


Madam was so deeply touched by the whole thing that she opened up completely saying that she had the ladies problem and in case she stood up, the theatre would be flooded with blood..hain?? Inhe pata nahi chalta ke periods aane wale hain?? Probably she needs to do a sanitry napkin ki advert to know ke aisa bhi kuch milta hai market mein.

Phew..!! Bhenji ne to dimag ka dahi kardiya..by the way, Ameesha daaaarling why in the world would you call periods – A Girly Problem???? Agar itna openly bolne ke guts rakhte ho then why not simply say that I was having my periods??

Waise Kushal Tandon ko jo itni baar Ass Hole bol diya hai koi bataega what it actually is in Hindi ???

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