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Was Lord Krishna A Terrorist & Holy Gita All About Terrorism?

This is not a new thing to be debated whether Krishna was a terrorist or Gita was all about terrorism.

The Holy Scripture of Hindus “Srimad Bhagvadgita” gives us knowledge and is also capable of giving a solution for every problem of human life. But such a holy scripture praised globally is also under scrutiny for being a “book of terrorism”?

As per some theories, Krishna was a terrorist and Gita is all about terrorism?

Hard to believe, but this theory will definitely raise many a eyebrows!

Chapter 9: verse 32 (SR.):

For those who take refuge in Me, O Pārtha (Arjuna), though they are lowly born, women, Vaiśyas, as well as Sudras, they also attain the highest goal.

As per the Gita, a lot many modern women would be miscreants and thus would be on Krishna’s hit-list — threatened to death by him — since Krishna says that even women, vaisyas [merchants], sudras [low-level workers], or any people of sinful birth go to the highest goal, if they take his shelter!

Krishna and Balaram fight the Yadu Dynasty

Chapter 9: verse 33 (FE.)

How much more virtuous Brahmans, And devout royal seers, too! A  fleeting and joyless world This; having attained it, devote thyself to Me.

Which means how much more righteous Brahmans and devout King-sages! which means that Krishna did not consider women to belong to the category of “righteous Brahmans”.


Krishna and terror

It is in fact not only many of the modern women but people of other faiths too—people who do not believe in Krishna—such as atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc., that could be supposed to be threatened with death by Krishna.


Krishna the lord of yoga, was not a yogi himself

He is hailed several times as a yogi, and even the Lord of yoga, which means he should have no desires. Krishna is a super soul who has realized it all. Yet, it is said that he is a creator of the world, but as per the concept of yogi he shouldn’t be having even the desire of creating!


Krishna, the creator of evil

As per Gita, it is Krishna the creator of all, everything & every evil. He was the creator of Duryodhan the antagonist and He is the doer of every evil deed.

All these points of course does not mean that anyone who worships Krishna or is the follower of Bhagwad Gita is terrorist. Geeta is perceived in different ways by many different people!


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WATCH When Russia Went Against Srimad Bhagvadgita

And when the Russian Ambassador regretted it


Disclaimer: The views are as expressed by some people and are on the basis of their studies and perception. Khurki maintains its neutrality in every aspect.

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