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February 5, Your Date With Some Rural Sports At Kila Raipur!



Kila Raipur, a small village in Ludhiana, comes alive around February every year as it plays host to a rare sports festival – in true rustic, Punjabi style. Hundreds of people throng this fair, some to watch and others to participate. Sporting events are not all that this place has to offer! There are some of the best Coffee Shops that you can go to. If you are thinking of heading there to catch the event, be sure to check out everything else that the area has to offer. This is horse racing like you’ve never seen before. Get your bets in early! If you prefer normal horse racing, you may wish to click here to discover some other racing times. However, those that would rather bet on other sports should head to the Judi Bola (known as Gambling Ball to our non-Indonesian readers!) website.

The essence of Punjabi sports has been quite aptly and beautifully summed up in lots of songs and movies too. Let’s listen to Tung Tung Baje from the movie Singh is Bling sung by Diljit Dosanjh and Nooran sisters, capturing the essence of Punjab and spirit of Punjabi people towards sports.

I hope you all have got a little idea of what I am talking about!

So, if you are planning to watch these sports then you are making the right decision. Forget the Olympics. Punjab plays host to something much more exciting and rustic every year.

Image Source
Image Source

It is pure fun to watch men fight it out in a game of mud wrestling, to watch a bullock cart race, tractor pulling and so much more. And if nothing else, standing while riding a horse is an art in itself.

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Let us find out more about this rare and unique Sports Festival……

Kila Raipur sports festival, also known as Mini Olympics, has been running for eight decades now. This sporting event takes place in the beginning of February for three days at Kila Raipur, an otherwise sleepy township near Ludhiana in Punjab.

In 1933, Philanthropist Inder Singh Grewal visualized an annual recreational meet where farmers from areas surrounding Kila Raipur could get together and test their corporal endurance.

Last year, Khurki witnessed this spectacular festival, which meant as many as 40-50 events spread over three days. Through the Khurkiwale lens, we bring today small glimpses of Kila Raipur sports…

Former Hockey coach Sukhvir Singh Grewal sharing the history of Kila Raipur…

Oldest anchor S. Hardeep Singh Grewal sharing his experience and details of new sporting events added to the itinerary…

These Rural Olympics are basically designed to test ones skill, strength, will power and endurance. Here’s preparing you with what to expect from the athletic events organised for veterans at the famous Rural Olympics.

India’s most bizarre sport festival involves animal sports including dogs, horses, bullock. But the biggest crowd puller has been the bullock cart and horse racing. Though bullock cart race has since been banned, horse racing has taken over the task of entertaining the spectators. If you’re attending a horse race, get some Advice that you can trust from our team of Professional Horse Racing Tipsters.

You will be amazed to see a horse dancing so beautifully to dhol beats…Check it out:

The races between greyhound dogs also offers something interesting to watch:

Adrenaline rush? Be sure to expect an amazing turnout this year between February 5th to 7th, as the Kila Raipur stadium is going to be bursting with sporting enthusiasts for the biggest sporting extravaganza of the state.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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