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Do You Know What Most Indians Prefer In Bed?



Masses always differ in tastes… If we speak about ourselves, sometimes our tastes match others and sometimes they totally change. In the same manner, each one has different priorities too, maybe someone doesn’t wish to do anything at all in bed?

There are also people who blabber without any kind of exposure and when it comes to their practical exam, they privately need someone to mentor them. What comes to your head when we talk about your favourite thing in bed? What do you prefer? Well, these are some of the reviews/opinions/choices disclosed to KHURKI by different Indians, when asked:

Woman on top

Because it needs less of man efforts.


Reverse cowgirl

Why the hell are you taking my name?


Anything will do it

Apne ko kuch bhi chalta hae ‘bidu’

Men are dogs so we love doing “doggiiee”

Kutte ki maut marega saale… 😛


Sixty effing nine (69)

That’s the mostly preferred one, discover new!


Mix it up

Too much of anything creates boredom!

gif and music image

Watch naked posters of celebs

Is that all you have in store? Look for a girlfriend dude!!

Anything WILD

Ahaan… Khaa lena kuch us se pehle!

Boy with


Awlellele mela baby

Yami Gautam,Ayushman Khurana Romance In Vicky Donor

Sex in the Morning

Better reach office in time too!!

indians prefer in bed

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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