If You Thought Goa Was All Sand And Sun, Think Again!


The general impression about Goa is that it is all about sea, sun and beaches. But not many know that Goa has so much more to offer than the beaches. There are some offbeat locations, which we are sure you never heard of before. Come, explore the unknown Goa with us.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

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If you want to check out the flora and fauna of Goa, then this park along with Mollem National Park are simply awesome. In the latter, you will be able to sight reptiles and many other creatures. And in the sanctuary, you can actually see sloth bears, gaurs and leopards. Do not miss the Tambdi Surla Temple.

Cumbarjua Canal

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If you find crocodiles to be a mystery, catch a ferry and go to this canal. The narrow creek is Goa’s best kept secret. The thick mangroves and the muddy waters will be a first in Goa.

Heritage Panjim Inn Goa

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You will find this inn in an old rustic and charming building in the Latin Quarter of Fontainhas. The building is rich in Portuguese architecture and despite regular renovations, the building maintains its old world charm. You can also book a night here.

Savoi Spice Plantations

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We are talking of an organic garden here, which is devoid of any harmful fertilizers and pesticides. You must sign up for a guided tour here, as the guides will be more than willing to share Goa’s history with you. If you want to see the real Goa, head here. They also have a feni distillation plant on campus.

The Bubbling Lake

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The pond in Sanguem Taluka is the local symbol of pride. You just need to clap your hands near the pond and you will see bubbles rise to the surface. At the bottom of this pond, there is an accumulation of methane gas that keeps rising to the surface.

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