Kishwer Merchant Opts Out Of Bigg Boss House!


With so many surprise elements and the twist and turns on the show, Bigg Boss 9 is actually grabbing eyeballs these days. Various tasks have already taken a toll on some of the strong contenders. So, how could the Ticket to Finale task be any different?

With just a fortnight to go for the Season 9 finale, Bigg Boss made the show more crisp and entertaining by introducing the biggest twist of the season yesterday in “Ticket to Finale” task. One of the strongest contenders to the title Kishwer Merchant may have walked out of the game but not before earning enough fame for herself! Not to count the Rs 15 lakh for opting out!

In the task, Prince Narula, Kishwer Merchant and Mandana Karimi make it to the second stage. Adding the twist, Bigg Boss asked all three contestants to press the buzzer if they wanted to opt out of the task. The catch was that the first one to press the buzzer would quit the Ticket to Finale task, but stay in the home. Second buzzer user would get Rs 6,33,335, but would have to leave the house immediately. And the last man standing would become the first winner of finale ticket.

Mandana Karimi saved herself the stay in the house by pressing the buzzer first. So, she got out of the task, not the House. Later, as Kishwar and Prince were not giving up, Bigg Boss kept increasing the prize money bait.

But now according to sources and back to back tweets by Kishwer Merchant, she has opted out of the game. But she doesn’t walk out empty handed – she gets Rs 15 lakh extra. Bigg Boss being the big boss, you can never say, maybe Kishwer lands up in the secret room.

Though done from the team’s account, a personal tweet by Kishwer Merchant says it all:

After the big news broke out, this is how her fans reacted to this unfair decision:

Meanwhile, with Prince Narula declared the first finalist of Bigg Boss 9, it remains to be seen whether he wins the show or not.

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