Inspiring Heart-Touching King Khan Speech You Must Hear!

King Khan Speech

Shahrukh Khan has always been making headlines for his witty and bold statements. He has hit the headlines once again for all the right reasons. An inspiring speech gets more inspiring when it is about the life of Shahrukh khan & delivered by the King Khan himself.

If you are thinking that whatever Shahrukh Khan does is obviously news, it is not just a random video of SRK talking. In this video, SRK is making an honest speech which is a must-see for all the students. Imagine the day you graduate, Shahrukh Khan makes a speech on life’s lessons. How simply he explained the importance of moving on in life by making a subtle comparison with the wrong move in doing Dilwale and then moving on in life with Fan.

This video is a true inspirational graduation lecture you will ever listen and that too the most brutal and honest one. At the graduation ceremony of 2016 batch of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Shahrukh even explained how creativity can be your best friend when nobody on this earth is with you.

Shahrukh Khan’s inspiring speech to students:

Definitely, left you with foggy memories of your school days, right?


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