What Kind Of Girls Boys Look For Nowadays….!


If allowed, they will probably make their own kind of girl – made to their expectations and priorities. It would definitely work! But that’s not what reality has in store. Consider yourself lucky if your girl’s the ditto of what you have been dreaming. Typically, any guy will have these fantasies…you can disagree!

Long Hair

What if you love everything about her, but her hair? I mean what would you do – dump her, just because she doesn’t have long hair!

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Nice Legs

Do you really think someone with ‘nice beautiful legs’ would approve of you, after seeing your damn legs?

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Oh, is it the dimple you are going to be proud of? And in fact your statements at parties would be, “There is nothing likeable about my girl. The only special thing is that dimple which got me here”. Like, seriously?

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Shapely bums

To throw you at, when you are drunk?

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Big breasts

I hope you’re not looking for a replacement for your pillow?

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Perfect face without makeup

Makeup on the outside would be appealing enough compared to the makeup on the inside.

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Flat stomach

Flat for what? A football match every Sunday? A diet-conscious person would never be your all time food buddy!

Tanned skin

Tanned skin on the outside is good if the colour of thoughts and intentions is brighter on the inside.

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Amazing smile

You’ll find trillions of people with lovely smiles. But look for the one, who smiles for and with you!

No acne

Don’t choose or differ. Instead love people as they’re. If luck favours you, you might get what you desire… in the same person!

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