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Before You Take Your Kids To The Amusement Parks Next Time!

Amusement parks don’t give you amusement alone. There are situations when exuberance turns fatal. These videos of amusement parks will make you think twice before you plan to take your kids to any of these rides the next time.

Amusement Parks

But before you watch these videos, make sure you have a STRONG heart. This might change the way you see amusement parks and that too for life.

How the negligence of authorities turned out to be life and death situations for many?

Amusement Parks

These fatal accidents at amusement parks are signs that there is no point in putting yours or your dear ones’ lives in danger for some moments of fun and adrenaline rush.

These rides might give you a temporary high, but they may also end up in a life time memory. Not a beautiful memory, but one which would haunt you for lifetime.

When the entire seat came loose:

When Roller Coaster ride proved dear:

Another Roller Coaster rolled:

Disclaimer: We are not trying to harm the image of any of the amusement parks. Attempt is only to spread caution.

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Devashish Vaid
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