KhurkiSpeak: Fling With A Ring Is Not Advisable


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Durex’s Global Sex Survey has found that 44% of adults worldwide have had one-night extramarital sex and 22% have had an affair.

Extramarital affairs have been in existence ever since the word society came into being. In today’s so-called sophisticated Western society, it has become a fashion to boost one’s self-esteem to say that he or she has a ‘lover on the side’! However morally, ethically wrong or sinful to have an extramarital affair, the fact remains that millions of husbands and wives in the modern world do fall prey to this unfortunate incident where families break down, and in most cases end up in divorce where innocent children are left to pick up emotional pieces left from their parents! With the growing popularity of dating sites similar to Tinder, online cheating has become another part of the extramarital affair process since some people can interact with another person without meeting him in real life.

So, is your partner having an extramarital affair? Or are you finding yourself drawn towards someone else? We give you seven reasons why an Extra Marital Affair is a foe for your mental peace.

1. Heady About Infatuation Again


Undoubtedly, the initial reaction is of butterflies in your stomach. You feel you have fallen in love again, but it is only infatuation and you are not thinking with your head on your shoulders. Accept the reality…’s not love!

2. All About Satisfying Your Ego


It’s an ego massage, nothing else! You feel your married partner gives shit to you and in walks someone who is all mush and gush. Beware, it is just going to boost your ego for sometime and that’s it. It hurts when the bubble bursts.

3. Don’t Get Impractical


You start making that not-so-needed comparison of your life partner with her or him. As per reasoning, when five fingers of one hand cannot be the same, how can human beings be? Love makes us get impractical, especially when it is beyond the boundaries or restrictions of the structure called family.

4. Battle Of The Legit vs Illegit


It makes you lie all the time because you have to to maintain the balance between legitimate and illegitimate. And, you think you are at peace?

5. It’s All Wrong


You won’t even realise when that streak of possessiveness will creep into your “new” relationship and that’s going to be the end of your mental peace. All reasoning that you are actually dealing with something “wrong” is going to fly out of the window.

6. Problem Of The Libido


How many times can you perform? You are going to end up with questions pertaining to your sex drive and possibly fed with all those performance boosters by your spouse!

7. Endless Pain And Guilt, Not Love


And, most important than all – it hurts a lot. You end up feeling guilty, not at peace, with low self esteem and minus that sudden confidence boost.

So, grow up guys. Get hold of the reality and get out of the shit!


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