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Khurki Invites You To Swoon At Zayn Malik!

Zayn Malik is super-talented and extra hot, and we all know that. He is engaged to Perrie Edwards and we all know that too. But there are some facts about him that we bet even you didn’t know. Check them out.

12 Firstly, his name is not Zayn, it is actually Zain. But he changed the spelling for his stage name, like so many other celebrities.

11 Some of you might not know that Zayn brushes his teeth before going on stage, as a warm up session.

10 Shockingly, when you compare the numbers, Zayn Malik has the least number of followers on Twitter.

9 Zayn had first auditioned for X Factor in 2009, but he got rejected. He then became a part of the boy band in 2010.

8 Zayn had once mentioned that he loves topless women. But he is shy of stripping himself.

7 Zayn was awarded the Best Dressed Male by GQ magazine in 2014. The turtlenecks he wears make him a real eye candy.

6 Zayn is the most tattooed member in the band. He has 34 tattoos on his body. He actually has Perrie Edwards inked on his arm.

5 The man in question is very scared of water. He just can’t swim.

4 If you thought he can only sing, you are wrong. He can play the triangle and guitar and many more instrumentals.

3 His favourite track is Thriller by Michael Jackson. He is also a huge fan of ‘N Sync’.

2 Although, Zayn is originally from Bradford, he is an ardent Manchester United Fan.

1 In his room, you will find a massive collection of comic books. He has been collecting them since school.

Quite an exhaustive list for the fans to deal with, isn’t it!

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