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What Khurki Is This? Storing The Bodies Even After Soul Is Gone!


Priya Aurora
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There is beauty in death too. Most of us become food for the earthworms and the beetles and are soon forgotten. But there are some who refuse to move to the other world and choose to make this world their home.

How they manage to do that is still a mystery to the finest scientists of our times. These eerie corpse can be found in many places around the world. Whatever the reason, we have complete respect for these super humans.

1. Lady XinZhui


You will be shocked to know that the lady in question was the wife of an important politician in 163 BCE. Her tomb was found in 1972. So finely is she preserved that you can also see the frozen blood in her veins.

2. Oetzi


He was fond in Italy and is believed to have lived in the period of 3359 to 3105 BCE. One look at him and you will get a glimpse of how humans used to live in the Copper Age.

3. Tollund Man


The Tollund Man is believed to have lived in the 4th century BCE. The bog seems to have preserved his placid face perfectly. He had suddenly cropped up from the wetlands in 1950.

4. Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin

He passed away in 1924, but continues to attract crowds till date in Russia. And maintaining his corpse is no easy job. There is a whole team who strive to do this day and night.

5. Rosalia Lombardo

Rosalia Lombardo

Rosali must be the youngest in preserved corpse around the world, as she was just two when she died. She is popularly called the sleeping beauty by visitors who come to see her in Sicily.

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