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Khurki Special Yaari Songs Dedicated To Friendship Day!



Music transcends boundaries and heals souls. Music speaks the language of love, faith, romance, heartbreak and friendship. Nothing beats better than music.

Preparing for the Friendship Day, Khurki has collected a special Yaari songs collection for all those who have the itch called friendship.

1. A song on ‘friendship’ which tells you how beautiful this gift of God is – the one that breaks all barriers of love!

2. This is something called as ‘Emotional Yaari’ or ‘senti kardiya yaar’ song for all those out there who bond emotionally!

3. They leave everything behind when it’s about friendship. The kind of friendship ‘Punjabis’ promise!

4. Canteen, Food, Bunk, Studies, Night-outs. Yes!!! This song is the best one to cherish your college memories. Don’t forget to go back to the time which was once an important part of life!

5. This one is for our schoolmates who became the reason for our living. Childhood and the secrets, this song’s lyrics convey it all!

6. For me, this is the best one! This one’s gonna force you to shed some tears for ‘yaari’ and ‘yaarana’!

7. Another college song which’ll for sure touch the deepest chord of your heart! Exams, fights, love – it includes all!

8. This musical song is the best to tap your feet and is the best example for the ‘cool’ and ‘full of life’ kind of ‘friendship’!

9. One song which has set a landmark of friendship. The one which is loved by all, the one which doesn’t have its own language but speaks the language of ‘friendship’. The one which you can never get tired of listening! This song says it all!

10. This Bollywood is a perfect representation of the pain of getting separated from a friend!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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