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Khurki Gives You 14 Reasons To Visit Chennai This Year!


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Chennai is one of the finest tourist destinations in India. The list of to-do things is so long that we could talk about it all day.

So we picked up the greatest reasons for you to visit Chennai. Have a look.

1. It is one of the most developed cities in the country


2. Unlike Delhi and Bombay, it is not over crowded. You will still find pockets of peace and solitude here

Chennai Beach

3. The locals are some of the politest citizens in the country


4. The expressions on their faces are welcoming and ever so pleasant. (Remember Chennai Express)


5. It is one of the safest cities for foreigners. Have you ever heard of an incident here?

foreigners in Chennai

6. It is a multilingual city; you will have no language problem here

7. If you thought you will be stuck with dosa, don’t despair. You can get anything from caviar to spaghetti here


8. If you thought Chennaites are boring? Guess what is the hometown of A R Rahman!

9. It is major cultural hub. You will never feel out of place


10. It is a treat for history buff, you can choose from temples, forts and palaces

udaygiri fort

11. One of the most tolerant cities in the country


12. It is a haven for shopaholics. You can shop till you drop. Kanjeevaram sarees galore!!

rekha's Kanjeevaram sarees

13. And if you thought Chennaites sleep early, they offer you a long list of bars and cafes to choose from

Bars in Chennai

14. If you still need convincing, it is the home of Thalaiva himself. Period.


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