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Khurki Raises 12 Questions If May-6 Verdict In Salman Khan Case Goes Against Him

While everyone, Salman Khan most nervously, waits with bated breath for the May 6 verdict of the Sessions Court conducting the 2002 hit-and-run trial against the Bollywood actor, what will happen to the entertainment industry if the orders were to go against the hero?

Khurki has some questions too:

1. What will happen to the 100-crore Bollywood brigade?

salman 100 cr

2. Who will get new actresses in the industry?

kat-zareen sneha-aish

3. Will you ever watch Big Boss where there is no Salman Khan?

bb 8

4. What will happen to his brand Being Human?

salman being human

5. Who will gift cars and flats to his friends?

car gift

6. Who will re-invent new dance forms like the scratch-ur ass dance?

dhinka chika

7. The sale of those silver and turquoise bracelet will plummet!


8. Will Madame Tussaud’s museum remove his statue?

salman tussaud

9. Who will become the lead in Dabbang 3? dabangg

10. Who will take that love care of his pets?


11. Who will be such a lovely Bhai of the Bollywood industry?


12. But the good thing is that he will be finally back with his best friend Sanjay Dutt – Fast And Furious: The Jailed Edition


Janvi Sood
Janvi Sood
Hates DDLJ yet a Bollywood lover, movie reviews, box office results, latest trailers are her appetite for the day.


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