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Khurki Loves Captain Jack Sparrow & This Is Why!

Johnny Depp has always lived life on his own terms. He lives on a private island, we adore him as Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands is still fresh in our minds. Be it his role as Willy Wonka, Johnny has played some very memorable roles in his career.

But there are certain facts which we bet you don’t know about him.

Take a look!

1. In a different era, he has actually sold pens to make a living

Johnny Depp

2. Many women came and went, but music will always be his first and only love

Johnny Depp

3. It was Nicholas Cage who guided him to become an actor

Johnny Depp & Nicolas Cage

4. His collaboration with Tim Burton started with Edward Scissorhands. And they have never looked back after that

Johnny Depp

And he got this role only after Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks turned it down.

5. He always takes the audience by surprise

Johnny Depp

His roles in Ed Wood, Dead Man, Alice in Wonderland are timeless.

6. Disney almost fired Johnny on the sets of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’


They just couldn’t get the fiction.

7. For Jack Sparrow, he took inspiration from Keith Richards of Rolling Stones


8. His gross earning for 2012 was $75 million

Johnny Depp

9. Johnny Depp is sexiness overloaded

Johnny Depp

He was voted not once but twice as the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

10. He has a lily rose tattooed on his heart, just for his little gal


11. The placement of “Lily Rose” tattoo for his daughter


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