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Khurki Congratulates Daddy-To-Be Mark Zuckerberg!



Mark Zuckerberg has posted on Facebook that he and Priscilla are going to become parents to a healthy baby girl soon. They were married in 2012 and since then, they have been trying to have a baby. Mark shared with all that in the past Priscilla had suffered three miscarriages.

The present pregnancy was ahead of the danger mark, so the announcement was made. Mark has said that their story should give hope to other couples to share their stories.

He said most people were reluctant to share the loneliness of a miscarriage and chose to go into a shell. Zuckerberg said that both the foetus and the mother were safe and healthy.

And that’s not all he said that in the ultrasound, he felt that his baby girl gave him a thumbs up that resembled a like on Facebook.

Mark and Priscilla had dated for almost a decade before getting married.

We wish the proud parents-to-be all the best.

Priya Aurora
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