Kate Winslet Turns 40! Wanna Know Her Better?


We bet you didn’t know that the middle name of Kate Winslet is Elizabeth. The beautiful actress, who needs no introduction, has just turned 40 on the 5th October.

We have for you today some very interesting facts about her. At Khurki, we admire her for her courage, conviction and massive pool of talent.

1. Kate comes from a family of actors. Her maternal grandparents and parents were actors

2. Kate’s debut was at the age of eleven in a television commercial for a cereal called Sugar Puff

3. She took acting lesson from an early age and first acted in a British soap call ‘Get Back’ in 1993

4. Her first movie Heavenly Creatures was released when she was just 17. She won the Actress of the year award. She was working in a deli, when she got the news of being cast in the movie

5. She featured in so many period dramas that she started to be called – Period Piece Babe. Some of those period movies are Titanic, Hamlet, Jude

6. When she was cast in Titanic, they say she sent roses to James Cameron to thank him

7. During the filming of Titanic, she was the only one who never wore a wet suit

8. Her movie ‘Finding Never Land’ actually made more money than Titanic

9. The People magazine had named her one of the 50 most beautiful faces in the world

10. Kate Winslet has bared it all for fifteen movies and she doesn’t mind undressing if the role demands

God bless the beautiful actress. Wish we get to see her more often….

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