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What’s It That Makes Kasol So Very Mysterious?

Once you reach the Kullu valley, you can smell magic in the air. The magic is of the mountains, the rivers, the forests and the people. And when you proceed further, you will often hear the name Kasol.


It will be the hardcore travellers, the seasoned locals and the hippies who will urge you to visit this mysterious valley. It is close to Manali and once you reach there, you will be surprised to see that the number of foreigners outnumber the locals.

If you plan to visit the area between April and June, let us warn you that you will find it packed. As a safe option, you can book the Forest Guest House and be nice to the caretaker and he will ensure you get fresh and homely meals on time. And it need not be mentioned that a booking beforehand will save you the time and effort.

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Image Source

Once in Kasol, get ready to wake up to some of the most mesmerizing views in the world. The snow-capped mountains will take your breath away. Kasol is at a cross junction of valleys, with peaks on three sides. You can take a bath in hot water like the locals and feel nature’s rejuvenation to the deepest core. Only in Kasol, can you take a walk along the Parwati river and disconnect from the world. If you are visiting for the first time, then it makes more sense to consult a local guide. They can suggest you many treks, some that go all the way up to Kheerganga and others that will take you to Malana, the Greek Village.

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Image Source

If you are looking for good food, we recommend the Evergreen Café or the Magic Café for food that tastes awesome and is served with love and care. And that’s not all. You can walk to Manikaran from here and seek blessings at the historic gurdwara and Lord Rama temple. On the whole, Kasol is highly recommended for peace, quiet and good food.

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