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Kashmiri Dishes You Must Have In This Lifetime!


Priya Aurora
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The food in Kashmir is to die for. The hills and the mountains in the backdrop and the beautiful Dal Lake add to the aroma and the flavour in the food.

We have for you today some selected Kashmiri dishes that you must eat.

1. Dum aloo


A very popular veg dish, made from potatoes. The richness of the gravy, transports you to an ol-school era.

2. Chaaman


Sounds exotic and tastes yummy too. This is a paneer recipe. It is essentially made on all occasions and festivals.

3. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

The way Rogan Josh is made in Kashmir, it cannot be made anywhere else in the world. It smells royal and it tastes royal too.

4. Tomul chhot


These are rotis made with rice flour. It is eaten at snack time, everyday with Kashmiri chai.

5. Sheer Chai 

Sheer Chai

This is the world famous salted tea from Kashmir. It is made from tea leaves grown in Kashmir and is had with a healthy addition of almonds, pistachios and a pinch of salt. And you will not find the lovely pink colour anywhere else in the world.

6. Nadur Churma


These are crispies made from lotus stem. They are better than the regular French fries and are made at all important festivals. Don’t miss them for anything.

7. Haakh


This is a Kashmiri saag, that is nothing compared to any other saag in the country. This is organic home grown saag for you.

8. Kahwah


The quintessential Kashmiri green tea. It is flavorful and the aroma will fill your house with joy. The Kashmiris have it topped with almonds and saffron. It is very high in anti-oxidants too.

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