Karva Chauth Is Here, But Why Can’t We Quit This Tradition?

Karva Chauth has arrived. Most of the ladies observe a day long bhooke-pyaase fast for their husband’s long life.

Though this is one of the oldest traditions being practiced, don’t you think this tradition is quite regressive to follow. The women not only starve themselves for the whole day but also abstain from having even a drop of water just so their husbands can live a long life?? Seriously??

Can anyone imagine how will God differentiate between men whose wives have observed fast for them from those who didn’t. Completely meaningless tradition that enslave a woman. Today every girl needs to be sensible and know what is good and right for them. Please don’t starve yourselves.

Change begins from me, so I am going to break the rule and give you reasons why starving is useless:


8. Fasting on Karva Chauth doesn’t certify you as a good wife. Don’t starve just because you want to make your in-laws happy