This Baba Ramdev Version Of Kala Chashma Is a Laugh Riot!


When it comes to hilarious videos, internet has a lot to serve. We were not yet over with Sunny Deol’s version of Kala Chashma, but here it is another laugh riot. This time the controversial yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

The video shows Baba Ramdev shaking his leg and every possible part of the body, on Katrina’s latest Kala Chashma. We have seen it all from Patanjali, from shampoo to medicine. But this time a music video which everyone is loving. From laughing your a** off to pulling out your eyes with the nearest sharp object. We have done it all after watching this, can’t forget to thank Peeing Human for this hilarious video.

Baba Ramdev On Kala Chashma…

In case you missed Sunny Deol’s Version…



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