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Life As We Know It: Joy Of Seasons In The Sun


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Not early morning wind,

Not this fading fog,

Not a wandering Nilgai,

Or a lone eagle up in the sky.

Not the glittering warm sun,

Not this yellow-wattled lapwing,

Not this rustle of dry leaves,

Or a distant Gurbani from some Gurdwara.

Not this invisible bird call,

Not this whispering water from a Tubewell,

Not the rude squeak of a passing bicycle,

Or a rumble of a plane high above,

But this brilliant bright bush catches my attention today.

Photographer: Supreet Singh

Wind is at peace & ravens are cawing loudly. There is a white breasted kingfisher sitting on a young banana leaf making it sway gently, few young peacocks are lazily strolling on my drive. I can count 7 of them from where I stand. A gentle sunlight makes the whole garden shine after many foggy days but soon again is covered by these dull cold grey skies. I keep walking with a smile thinking of the momentary sunshine in my otherwise cloudy life.

Photographer: Supreet Singh

Thanks WaheGuru for sunshine in winters & shade & rain in summers as I am content in your grace. I will not crib that it’s cold but I will rejoice for that few minutes of warmth. I will not look at the grey skies but I will look at the shining leaves. I will try to be more alive like this white throat which is always alive with its bubbling, liquid voice in all weather.

Life is a question whose answer is within us but when we lack that clarity do take a walk in any garden near you & mother nature will surely guide you. Just look around with a clear heart if not clear mind.

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