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Journey Of Modern Automotives Is Simply Inspiring!


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Modern Automotives was established in the year 2005 and since then, the group hasn’t looked back. Modern Automotives is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that is capable of producing customized precision forgings and machined products for the automotive industry. To learn more about the different types of automotive machinery and which is needed in sectors such as this, websites like tsinfa.com can offer more insight.

Over the last more than one decade, Modern Automotives Limited has earned itself the envious reputation of providing to the automobile industry some of the best quality automotive components.

They are leaders when it comes to end-to-end special steel solutions for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with high-end quality and state-of-art manufacturing technology. The worldwide clientele of Modern Automotives makes them the first choice among the biggest automobile giants of the world. Parts manufactured at the various plants of Modern Automotives in Chandigarh, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, & Manesar are trusted by global automobile giants. The automotive industry has advanced greatly over the years, incorporating new practices into their manufacturing and other technological areas. Visitor Chat software is one of these advancements and can help achieve customer and business satisfaction.

By the year 2010, Modern Automotives expanded its limits with the addition of CNC machines, towards precision machined gears. By this time, new milestones were achieved every year. It virtually became a relay race, where Modern Automotives kept inching towards victory. Next year, Modern Automotives achieved Tier 1 status with HMSI. Not only that, Modern Automotives Limited developed precision-machined crank shafts, Stem Comp Strg Assly.

Year 2012 was full of achievements for Team Modern Automotives, as it signed business & technical MoU with Musashi Seimitsu Japan. Besides, Modern Automotives expanded precision forging capacity to 0.50 Million Parts per month by adding new forging presses. And, Modern Automotives Limited opened 2nd Plant at Bengaluru (Karnataka). Modern Automotives Limited installed spray painting plant in Bengaluru Unit with a capacity of 0.08 Million Painted Parts per Month. These are similar to ones in the US: Powder Coating Plus offers powder coating services including media blasting in Los Angeles. The process is similar in many regards.

The year 2013 was far greater when it came to achievements of Modern Automotives. The group bagged the 100% SOB status for HMSI Components award. Another feather in the cap was the excellence award for New Part Development from HMSI. And, the icing on the cake was crossing of benchmark of 1.00 million parts per month, with addition of forging and machining facilities. Facilities producing automotive parts will often require laser marking machines for permanent engraving of metal, perhaps for logos, part traceability, quality control, and process improvement.

It was year 2014, when Modem Automotives opened its 3rd Plant at Distt. Gandhinagar (Gujarat). And later that year, it achieved Tier 1 status with YAMAHA for Crank Shafts, Arm Kick Starter Assly. We also developed Arm Kick Starter Assly the same year.

Year 2015 was a celebratory year with maximum achievements since the establishment of Modern Automotives Limited. We developed special product Shaft Comp Balancer with 100% SOB status with HMSI.

An excellence award for Quality Management & awarded with Al supplier rating from HMSI. 4th Plant at Manesar (Haryana) was started. Conveyorised spray painting plant installed in Manesar unit with capacity of 0.18 Million painted parts per month. Yet another award was Best Supporting Performance Award from Musashi. Soon after, the benchmark of 150 million parts per month was breached. The year 2016 saw Modern Automotives conquering two major milestones – one being an excellence award for Delivery Management and the other being awarded with Al supplier rating from HMSI.

A highly successful year began with 2017, as Modern Automotives Limited got the Al Rating award consecutively for the 3rd year for delivery performance. Then the year saw opening of its 5th Plant in Bangalore. Modern Automotives Ltd. won the confidence of business partner Yamaha for contributing in every motorcycle. It also achieved Tier-1 status with KYB Motorcycle Suspension India Pvt Ltd for Under Bracket Assly. And the painting shop got the seal of approval by global giant Yamaha.

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