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Joni Mitchell Site Denies Singer Is in A Coma. #WeLoveYouJoni

Though court documents filed today refer to Joni Mitchell as “unconscious and unable to make any responses,” a statement posted to the artist’s official website insists that is NOT the case.

joni mitchell not in coma

Meanwhile, the temporary-conservatorship petition filed today on Morris’ behalf in Los Angeles Superior Court do state that Mitchell (the “proposed conservatee”) “suffered a medical emergency in late March and was taken to UCLA Medical Center, where she remains at this time. At this time she remains unconscious and unable to make any responses, and is therefore unable to provide for any of her personal needs.”

Morris, described as a close friend of Mitchell’s for more than 44 years, is “willing and able to act as conservator,” the petition says. It’s also stated that Morris had heard from the Blue artist over the years that she didn’t have the relatives who would fit the bill in the related probate code as being able to assume control over her affairs.

On April 3, a statement on Mitchell’s site said that they were “encouraged by her progress and she continues to improve and get stronger each day.”

The singer-songwriter, painter and Saint Laurent model has been hospitalized since March 31—and we’re certainly not the only ones hoping that she truly does make a full recovery.


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