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Hope You Don’t Do Any Of These Jobs For A Living!


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While all of us go about living our perfect lives, some of us wake up to go to the grossest jobs on this planet. But we sincerely hope that you don’t do any of these jobs for a living..!!

Have a look!



1. Bird Poo Collector


Yes, we are talking of professionals who are employed to collect the poop of birds and bats from caves and breeding grounds. They are also called Guano Collectors.


2. Anus Examiner


We are talking of medical professionals who are paid to look at anus all day long. Technically, they are called Proctologists. If you have a condition such as hemorrhoids, you may require a proctologist to help deal with them. You may want to check out a website such as https://drkamrava.com/hemorrhoid-treatment/ if you are looking for this kind of doctor.


3. Fart Examiner


Yes they do exist. These are men and women who take out statistics like average farts in a day, duration, smell, etc. How gross is that?


4. Employed at slaughter houses


You might think slaughtering animals is cool. But is removing their organs, intestines, etc, cool too?


5. Face Esthetician

 Face Esthetician-khurki.net

When you close your eyes and relax on the table of a dermatologist, little do you realize that there are people who are employed to extract the oil, dirt and puss from your face. Looking at pores all day long can be very depressing.


6. Sexer for chickens


They do exist. These people are employed to check the sex of chickens and then segregate them accordingly. And it does not involve looking at the anus. They actually have to open the anus of each and every chicken and check for a bump.


7. Sniffers for armpits


We seriously pity this lot. Who have to dig their noses in the armpits of strangers to check for the right smell. Testing of products is what they do for a living.

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