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Jennifer Lopez Status: From Being Complicated To In A Relationship



Jennifer Lopez’s relationship status is complicated.

It is reported that the American Idol judge has gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend, choreographer Casper Smart. Lopez is hesitant to call him her “boyfriend” again.

We bring you snatches from the Ellen DeGeneres talk show Friday, where she was questioned: “The last time you were here you told me you were single. And I have a feeling you lied to me.”

“I didn’t!” Lopez insisted.

“No, you did,” DeGeneres teased.

“No, I didn’t,” Lopez said. “I don’t even want to get into it with you!”

The host playfully pressed the issue, and Lopez caved. “First of all, I don’t lie. I say what my truth is,” the Boy Next Door actress said. “Whatever anybody else wants to perceive about me hanging out with people or other people or different people, it doesn’t matter,” she told DeGeneres. “I know the truth.”

“So the truth is now [that] you’re not single?” the host asked.

Lopez laughed and replied, “I’m kind of not, but I kind of am.”

“Is that kind of lying and kind of not?” DeGeneres asked.

“No! No! Have you ever been at a point in your life where you don’t know?” Lopez asked the comic. “Like you’re not sure about things? Well, that’s all. I am not sure about anything.” Lopez said she’s “having fun” and doing “whatever I feel like doing” with Smart. “I’m a grown woman,” she explained.

“And he’s cool with that?” DeGeneres asked. “He’s on the same page?”

“Um, yeah,” Lopez told her. “Yeah.”

Why is Lopez hesitant to label her relationship with Smart? “When I have something really to say that’s permanent or in a way that’s really important, like I feel like I have to say something, I’ll say it. I’ll say, ‘You know what? This is going down. We are this,'” she said. “But right now I just feel like…I am me.”

Lopez also opened up about the possibility of having more children, saying she wishes she could “have four or five more.” In fact, the “On the Floor” singer confessed, “If I got pregnant, I would be so excited.”

The singer also said she would “maybe” consider adoption. “I love kids.”

Prachi Sehgal
Prachi Sehgal
Always high on drug known as Hollywood. From songs to movies to TV series, she loves them all more than anything else in this world.

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