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Jennifer Aniston’s Loving Her Make-Up-Free Self


How do you feel about yourself when you go makeup-free?

Jennifer Aniston said she felt “so fabulous — so dreamy and empowering and liberating.” Well, she did wear some makeup, she admits, but it was only to have scars created. Otherwise, it was just her bare face.

Liberating? We get that. It’s a relief sometimes to go without the goop and to focus your time and energy on more interesting activities. Empowering? Hell yeah! It takes a strong, confident women to show her natural face. But dreamy and fabulous?!?

I think maybe what Aniston is saying is that going without makeup allowed her to be someone else entirely. As a woman whose living depends on looking glamorous, it must be a radical change to spend time as a “frumpy” woman — relatively speaking, that is. For her.

It makes me wonder, what if we pulled a beauty free-fall and stopped caring about our appearance for a day or two? I know a lot of moms are already there 24/7, and some of us do that every so often, like right after giving birth or when we’re sick.

But I’m not just talking about freeing yourself from the hassle of primping. I’m talking deliberately choosing to take that time and energy and using it instead to find a whole different part of yourself. And enjoying it — so it feels “dreamy” and “fabulous,” as Aniston puts it. It’s an intriguing idea … maybe something that would help us see ourselves in a totally different light, in the best way possible.


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