British Singer Jeffery Iqbal Does Lag Ja Gale This Time!


I so want to begin this with “music has no language” and this is so true in this case. Jeffery Iqbal’s crossing the barriers of language is giving tribute to Lata Ji. In this video, by A-Sean Music you can see Jeffery and his mates playing & singing ‘Lag Ja Gale’.

This guy will definitely make your evening worthwhile with his melodious voice. And how well he has come up with accent is worth an appreciation.

Earlier, his video of singing KANK’s Mitwa went viral. It was spread with a rumour that Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting has sang a bollywood song. Here’s the link for the video (Mitwa)

Khurki brings you the latest video by Jeffery Iqbal:

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