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Beware! Don’t Get Jealous About Friends Settling Down!


We pride ourselves about the fact that we have an amazing group of friends. Ones who are supportive, fun, intelligent and just generally great. They listen to every crazy problem of yours and for them the first and last priority is their friends. But over the years, they have other priorities, like their other half’s family parties and birthdays and what not! But you being the same and single, feel jealous & start worrying that everyone’s going to run off into the sunset without you. Yet, they will still invite you to couples dinner parties out of sympathy, where you will sit and get too drunk on red wine. But here are things that might freak you out the most while you watch your friends settle down…

6 You will be the last single

Let’s face it, it is not a good feeling at all to be the last girl standing. Everyone is moving forward without you.

5 People will pity you

Hahaha…I know many of you will feel proud of people especially your relatives feeling sorry for you. Let them be. If you don’t have someone to share it with at the moment, it doesn’t become any less worthwhile.

4 You will become one of those Tinder profiles only looking for friendship

FYI…that is biggest lie ever told.

3 Having no one to save you on your disastrous dates

Come save me yaar…..Oh wait, he might be with his wife now. Gosh! I have no friends now 🙁 to save me from trouble.

2 You will have no one to get drunk with

Hey Karan, let’s go get wasted? No sorry I can’t. I have to look after my baby 🙁 Okay I will go alone.

1 That you will end up alone

Deep, but real! This can be the biggest fear that anyone can harbour.



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