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Super WTF News: Jailed For Having Some Really Loud Sex?


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Sexists, rapists, killers, murderers, extortionists…many more criminals can be jailed for their own god forsaken reasons. But here’s a person who got jailed for having some really loud sex..!!

Loud Sex

WTF..!! True that...aage parho…

Gemma Wale was given a two-week prison sentence after a civil court judge concluded that she had broken the order by screaming and shouting while having sex, which annoyed her neighbour.

Loud Sex

Neighbour ne sue kar diya and she was behind the bars in no time…

Judge said that the anti-social behaviour order had barred Wale from making loud pleasure noises and from causing nuisance by playing loud music, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stamping and slamming doors.

Lo kallo baat..!!

I hope she has the right to fart..lollll

The judge claimed that according to a neighbour’s complaint, around 5 am, Wale had started screaming and shouting while having sex, which woke him up.

Hahahahahhaahha…ye judge hassa nahin hoga aisa kuch bolte hue..!!

I could die laughing at these things..!!

Poor woman was proved guilty of charges and was jailed for 2 weeks…

Super WTF news..!!

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