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Jacqueline Impresses Us With Ashtanga Pilates!

Jacqueline Fernandes is a gym freak and that is pretty evident from her posts on social media.In a recent post she is seen doing a pilate exercise called ashtanga pilates and she looks super hot doing it..!!

Take a look :

If work out looks so good then I better start hitting the gym now..lols

Jacqueline has been sharing her gym videos earlier too but this one is definitely more watchable.Just look at that super toned body!!

Here’s what you should know about ashtanga pilates :

This exercise which she was doing,ashtanga pilates, isn’t actually yoga but looks pretty much like it.The system, which can be done on mat or with the use of especially designed equipment, aims to increase breath awareness, strengthen and lengthen the muscles, and improve posture and core stability.


In the same way that a yoga astanga yoga works on eight basic yogic principles or ‘limbs’ as they are traditionally known, so does pilates. These include concentration, control, breath awareness, precision, integration, tuition, fluidity and centering or core contraction.

Apart from other obvious similarities such as the control of the breath and concentration, it is the emphasis on the contraction of the core that mostly unifies these two systems.It is believed by both pilates and astanga yoga practitioners alike, that we must gain our control of our core muscle before we can gain the most benefit from our practice.

I personally feel that if these exercises become a routine in my daily life then I surely don’t need any more energy boosters..I’ll be full of positivity throughout the day.Thanks Jacqui for sharing this made my day!!


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