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How many times have you p**d in public? If yes, then you are a true Indian…


We Indians have this so called special ‘Keeda’ in our life that makes us do something extraordinary. To leave behind other nations and proving that we are the best. Yes! from launching the heaviest monster rocket to winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest, we set our benchmarks. But often we tend to do things that can be labelled as ‘manufacturing defects’. Yes, natural and instant! No not the best of it, rather the worst. That’s irritating and unnecessary. Have YOU done these?

Pee in Public

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Oh! Well this tops the list when we count the most irritating things that we Indians do. Seems like the people who pee on roads make sure that they follow the very slogan. Jaha Soch Waha Shauchalaya!

How many times do you press the CANCEL button at the ATM? 1…2…3..OR just go on


Yes soon after withdrawing money from the ATM, we Indians tend to press the Cancel Button ‘N’ number of times. Even if the balance is 100 bucks, we fear it as if the person next in the queue would withdraw it.

Put extra efforts to make the lift take us quicker

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Don’t say no! We all tap the lift button again and again and again….Well, it will reach you even if you press it once and at the same speed of course. But what after that is more crazy. After reaching the floor you have to, we press all possible options before stepping out. Now say yes!

Speak loudly!


God must have created us with some special vocal effects. See anywhere in India. You’ll find loud speaking mothers-in-law, uncles, children and just all. Sometimes, we even fail the loudspeakers.


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Well beiieve it or not, this is the trend and fashion in today’s era. A line specially in the North is not complete without a B**N***! You have already said it. Don’t you think sometimes it’s too irritating.

Honking @traffic lights

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There are only two occasions when we Indians run the race at great speed. One during the Sports Day at school and second is at the traffic lights. But here when the lights turn green, we have a special element with us; the horns! Not knowing the fact that it isn’t a race at all.

Cooking up stories

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Indians are great story builders. We have an excuse ready for every situation. Throw an adverse situation on a holiday, we’ll give all possible reasons not to do it.

Wrong Parking

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Indians are really good when it comes to parking a vehicle. Even if the signboard directs our way, we don’t give a shit! We find our own space.

We Talk English, Walk English, See English!!!

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That’s the end of the story. We Indians fail to enrich and boost up our very own language, Hindi. But talking English is yet another great matter of pride and trendy.

Being late

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Indians must be rewarded if they reach somewhere on time. You have a fixed meeting at 9.00. It’s too early right. We ought to reach late.

All this comes naturally. Nobody taught us and above all we aren’t ready to learn either. If it’s irritating, we are proud of that even. But can’t stop doing it! Izzat Ka Sawaal Hai Bhai!

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