iPhone Bending, Arrow, Boiling Tests Of All Times!


iPhone 6S is the second thing for which people are ready to sell off their kidneys! You know what’s the first?

It was the iPhone 6.

But, what’s with these people doing weird tests to check their iPhones? I mean what is the probability of your iPhone 6S getting bent or for that matter falling in a pot of boiling water. No doubt, it is abnormal to spend thousands on a phone just because it has an ‘i’ as prefix but still what these guys do is quite a shocker.

How important is it to spend lots of money on how strong a phone is, by throwing it in water, or bending it, or shooting it with an arrow!? These things can cost entire paychecks! I mean sure some of these damages can be repaired with cell phone repair parts wholesale so not all is lost, but this is still electronic torture to the poor phone.

And that’s part of the appeal I suppose. Some people like seeing something so beautiful and expensive be bent in half. Here are some of the crazy test videos that people are doing to their iPhone 6Ss.

Most frequent test – Bend It Like…

Something that does have a chance to happen is your iPhone bending and this video might be able to show you the bend threshold. However, bending the phone with the strength of both arms probably isn’t how you’d do that in real life. Some have found that it can bend in their pocket as it presses against their thigh, but this is about the only likely place it may occur. If this does happen, it should be easy to fix using services providing cell phone repair poway, provided the bend is not too extreme.

iPhone 6S knife & hammer test

Check out this video where this dude literally breaks an iPhone 6S with a hammer and tries to cut into pieces using a knife. This video shows how crazy these videos can get, and what for? I suppose it’s a lesson not to use an iPhone to defend yourself from a knife-wielding attacker.

iPhone 6S boiling test

Yet another dude comes up with a boiling water vessel and dips the phones inside to do the boiling water. This type of test could be a warning for those who use their phone in the kitchen while cooking. All cooking freaks make sure you don’t miss this as it could scare you into leaving your phone in your pocket.

iPhone 6s aluminium blend test

In this video, you will see how an iPhone is tested for strength as if it were an iron brick. No seriously, what’s the point of putting weights and weights to check when that threshold will come with the iPhone when you purchase it.

Super crazy iPhone 6S arrow test!

This one I cannot explain…

Something which is most likely to happen – The Drop Test!

This is without a doubt the most valuable of these tests. What happens if you drop an iPhone, you know, something that has a high chance of happening? Well, here’s the video…

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