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Who Said Intelligent People Find It Tough To Fall In Love? Myth Busted!


Devashish Vaid
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Intelligent people are normal like any other person. And falling in love with them is yet another very normal thing for any normal person. So this myth that intelligent people find it difficult to fall in love, is busted. An average intelligent person or a dumb person will find it equally difficult to fall in love.

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And to understand this you don’t need much of intelligence. Love is simply an emotion, and people with higher IQ do have emotions. In fact being intelligent is a plus point, when it comes to love. You would definitely know you are not fooling around. You will be intelligent enough to analyze whether you are actually in love, or it is something else.

It’s not a universal phenomenon


Obviously, this is not a universal phenomenon that only intelligent people find it difficult to fall in love. Every person will have a different love situation in his or her life. Therefore, there’s no set phenomenon of intelligent people finding it difficult to fall in love.

They are not emotion less


Having high IQ doesn’t mean that you have a low a EQ. Thus emotions like love can definitely bud in an intelligent mind or heart.

Intelligence can in fact be helpful


They are good with decision making and can definitely decide that whether they are in love or is it something else. Many people end up screwing their love life because of such dumb confusions.

They will be good in maintaining their love life

Intelligent People

A dumb person is no matter how charming or loving, at the end of the day is DUMB. An intelligent person would definitely know how to handle his/her love life. For life.

An intelligent can always fall for intelligence

Intelligent People

And obviously an intelligent person can anytime fall for another intelligent person. Because it is not just about one quality, but a lifestyle. A way of living and taking small and big life decisions.

They always know what they want

Intelligent People
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So it is not that they are not falling in love, but it is certainly taking some time for them to meet the right person.

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