Are You An Instagram Addict? Check Here…

Most users need to ask themselves this question about being an Instagram Addict!

How many Instagram pics do you upload each week? Do you buy automatic Instagram likes?

Teens and Instagram is a huge topic right now and people are going crazy about it. Sharing and stockpiling personal photos, freaking out for getting huge count of instagram followers and refreshing the app each day, hoping to see more hearts on the shots you have uploaded.

Desire to having perfect hashtag to what you posted and that happiness when any celeb starts following you. Actually, it’s an addiction and you know it’s true. While you can make use of certain helpful instagram tools in order to build yourself a bigger following, it is important to know when your enjoyment of Instagram has turned into an addiction. So, it’s time to take stock of the situation. Check yourself on these signs to know how badly you are addicted to Instagram.


1. Taking time to settle a perfect filter…

Many of you do this …..10% of the time you end up removing the filter completely and then at last sticking with your original.