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Only For Insomniacs! Others Please Avoid A Read!


Basically, there are two kinds of people in this world: Morning people and Night owls. Whichever you are, you will surely admit that day time is pretty boring. Isn’t it?? So long, you have got to work all the time but night time is where the party’s at! Who needs the sun to be up to have a good time after all? So if you are an insomniac like me, then you can probably relate to a few of these things:

8 Your meal routine gets bizarre

1pm is breakfast, 5pm is lunch and eleven at night is a totally acceptable time to have dinner. You don’t obey to the ideologies of time!

7 Work is mostly a major kick

It’s all well and good staying up until the early dawn, but when you have an alarm set for 7.30 am to get you into work for 9 am, it becomes a bit of a mission to get on time and rush to work.

6 Netflix is your new best friend for night

When all the other ‘normal’ people hit the bed, you soon realize that watching seven hours of your new favourite series continuously soon becomes your new hobby.

5 You find nights productive

When there’s no one or nothing around to distract you, you would be surprised how much stuff you can get done in one night.

4 Time loses its meaning

When you go to bed at 10 pm with every intention to head straight to sleep and before you know it you find yourself surfing the whole of Wikipedia till three in the morning.

3 You don’t really have a bed time

“It’s only 11pm? I can’t go to sleep yet, it’s way too early.”

2 You can get slightly frustrated

You know you have to be up in the morning for something big, yet you just can’t seem to kick your habit of shutting your eyes before the sun makes an appearance. Sleep, damn it!

1 People think you are crazy

When you eventually make it to work after the struggle with your inner sleep demon, your work pals can be seriously surprised (and slightly impressed) when you tell them how little sleep you actually got last night.



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