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India’s Natural Wonders That Left Khurki Wondering…


Priya Aurora
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There are some natural wonders in India which can be described in just one word – Enchanting.

Some of these locations are so amazing that you will wonder why you never heard of them before. Read on and get mesmerized.

1. The Lonar Crater Lake


Located in the state of Maharashtra, it is the third largest carter in the entire world. And it is 50,000 years old!!

2. Elephant Trunk


The place is called as Needle Hole Point and is located in Mahabaleshwar. A rock formation here looks like the trunk of an elephant. You get a spectacular view of the Deccan Ghats from here.

3. Belum Caves


They are the largest in India. The stalagmite and stalactite formations are simply outstanding. And if you are wondering how big they are, a staggering 3.5 kms.

4. Marble Rocks


Located at Bhedaghat in MP, these marble rocks need to be seen in the night in all their beauty. They are on both sides of river Narmada and make the most beautiful natural gorge.

5. Banni Grasslands Reserves


Locally called as the Chir Batti, these eerie lights have been long associated with ghosts and aliens. And people claim to have been followed by these lights that move at alarming speeds. The Rann of Kutch always manages to maintain a mystery around it.

6. Borra Caves


They are the deepest caves in India. At 260 feet, they beat all records and are located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. There are conical formations on the floor that add to its natural beauty.

7. Amarnath Cave


This is the holiest shrine in India. Every year, it sees the formation of a natural lingam that rises from the floor. Lord Shiva is believed to have disclosed all secrets of eternity to Parwati here.

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